Well hello!

I’m Reba

I am an experienced Corporate Attorney and Legal Podcaster in the Atlanta Metro Area with a focus on Business Law, Technology, and Trademarks.

I have worked with numerous start-ups and Fortune 500 companies where I have acquired an immense amount of experience in the healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and entertainment fields.

With this knowledge, I have worked with a number of startups and small businesses to protect their brand and legal interests.

If you are an entrepreneur, I am here to work with you to strategize on the best way to protect your company through legal business formation, trademarks, and contracts. 


How about A favorite things list…

Days off…

I’m reading a good book

Song on repeat….

Last Last- Burna Boy

Current Obssesion….

Electric cars

Fun Fact….

I have dual citizenship (Grenada and United States)

Something interesting…

I have been to 24 countries





Have some facts to Share…


Licensed in Georgia


Certified Compliance &  Ethics Professional (CCEP)


certified change management professional (CCMP)


Average Cups of Coffee Daily




Esquire In The City, LLC is here to support you!

Esquire In The City is a consulting company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create a legal and business foundation to support the success of their company.

Established in 2016, Esquire In the City has served entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the United States with the creation and legal protection of their for-profit and non-profit businesses.

Let’s protect your brand…