Order My Steps….



Whew! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but boy do I have a lot to share! First, let me give you some background on myself. So after passing the Bar exam I got my first job at a firm which I was super excited for the opportunity! But after a few months I knew that it wasn’t for me and since I’m not the type to quit or make rash decisions I focused my prayers on direction and guidance. 6 months into working at that firm, I received a call from my mentor with an opportunity to get a Certificate in Corporate Compliance and a call from a job opportunity in the Atlanta area. All of this was great but the job was a temporary job so the thought of leaving a permanent job to go to a temporary job was daunting but I stepped out on faith and moved to Atlanta and started the Compliance program.

One year and two months later, I have completed my Certificate Program and planning to sit for the CCEP exam and I am still at the company that offered me the temporary position. The only difference with my job situation is that as of May 2016 I was no longer a temporary employee and next week I will be starting a new position. So within a year I have been promoted twice and I am now in an area of law that I love!

I share all of this to showcase the great things that happen when you pray and step out on faith. Every time I think back I am just astonished by the blessings I have received this past year and I am excited to see what God has in store for me. I hope this story encourages someone to step out on faith and trust that God will order your steps and allow you to see your dreams come true!

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~

Reba J.

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