Patience is 🔑

In a generation ran by “here and now” it is important to take a step back and allow some time to really develop your dreams and goals. I speak from personal experience where I have jumped the gun with a few things in my life and had to deal with the consequences while working overtime to fix everything. If I would have just taken a little more time instead of forcing it I would have reduced the consequences. Now that I have moved past my school and entry level working stage I am excited about reflecting on what I’ve learned and using that as I head into a new stage of my life. After major reflection I realize the “Major Key” (DJ Khaled voice) is to really exercise PATIENCE.

This doesn’t mean that I am not planning and pushing for my dreams and goals but I am starting to understand that everything takes time and as long as you prepare and allow God to put you in the perfect place it will come to fruition. So as I review my remaining three goals for 2016 I’m trying not to get antsy and just allow things to come together before we move into 2017. So I challenge you to really reflect and meditate on your decisions thus far and see if Patience has been an issue for you. If so, then write out your goals and dreams then start listing the things you will need to complete in order for it to be successful and start working through that list. Pay attention to everything around you because there may be opportunities for you to enhance those dreams and goals that you might miss if you are too tunnel vision.

We live in a very fluid society so don’t feel discouraged if your dream or goal does not come to pass the way that you envisioned it but instead look at the other opportunities around you that may be even bigger or better than you originally imagined. I hope this helps someone who feels that they are not achieving their goals in the time they have set. Keep planning and preparing and it shall come to pass.

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~

Reba J.




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