Bookworm Hype Session 1


So, I think I will start writing book reviews on my blog because that is something that I spend a lot of time doing (self proclaimed Kindle Addict) and really one of my life long passions. I have so many fav authors and series that it is only right that I document my thoughts and feelings about these books as I tend to do in person with my friends and family. With that being said, here is my first review which is a bit premature because it is just that GOOD!

Today I started reading a book called ‘Self-Love Sunday A Collection of Reminders’ and let me tell you. This book has hit me to the core and I’m only 24% through the book (shoutout to Kindle Unlimited for the exact percentage). First she discusses aspects of relationships from past failures to continued cycles while questioning what she is doing wrong and opening herself up to receive answers from God. It is crazy to me because I’ve literally asked the same questions and have experienced my fair share of relational failures.

The action that she has taken, a vow of celibacy, is something I have tried and failed in my humanly way. It is basically my way of rebelling against the answer that God has provided me for my questions and desires. Having an opportunity to see someone else has dealt with similar issues and have received the same answer has really opened my eyes.  I am now encouraged to live by these words “Don’t settle for intimacy before commitment” and going back to the original “Reba” before the hurt, disappointment, and fear but with the knowledge from those lessons I’ve learned. I will no longer be afraid of rejection or missing out on that person when it just results in me settling for much less than I deserve. I will strive to build friendships first then relational commitment and finally intimacy. I really do feel encouraged by B. Love sharing her experiences and allowing me to see some of myself in her.

Now that I have moved on past how I will approach potential relationships here is what I will do in the mean time. I will continue to work hard, build my career, save money, follow my dreams, continue to write, clear my skin, grow my hair, workout and just a better ‘me’ spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This is literally what I got from the first 9 chapters on this book. Whew! Can’t wait to finish it.

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– Be Fearlessly Authentic