June 1st- New Beginnings



As we venture into June with excitement for new opportunities and experiences I like to take this time to reflect. Since this is my birth month it is really important that I take this time to rejuvenate and go into this next year of my life fearlessly and with purpose. In order to accomplish this I am starting three challenges today and will push to follow them for the entire month and hopefully start the next year of my life with new habits and tendencies. I would love to share my challenges with you and hopefully it will inspire you to embark on challenges of  your own. 


  1. Financial Plan
    1. No eating out
    2. Don’t use Credit Cards
    3. Only purchase necessities
    4. Drive purposefully (No wasted trips)
    5. Follow weekly budget


  1. Spiritual Plan
    1. Target: Clarity and Purpose
    2. Method
      1. Daily Devotionals
      2. Meditation Corner


  1. Fitness Plan
    1. Focus
      1. Cardio, Squats, Planks, Free Weights
    2. Schedule
      1. Monday- Cardio, Planks, Free Weights, Squats (1 Hour)
      2. Tuesday-Cardio, Planks, Free Weights, Squat (1 Hour)
      3. Wednesday-Cardio, Planks, Free Weights, Squat (1 Hour)
      4. Thursday- Cardio, Planks, Free Weights, Squat (1 Hour)
      5. Friday-Cardio, Planks, Free Weights, Squat (1 Hour)

~Be Fearlessly Authentic!!!~