Dating in the City


So dating is the big topic around my circles of highly educated, accomplished, driven, cultured and SINGLE women. How can you balance all of your dreams and goals while finding the time to meet new people which may or may not lead to dating. As I said in my last post I am a dreamer and I spend a lot of time drafting plans to accomplish those dreams while actually working to accomplish those dreams and maintaining a full-time job. With being health conscious, career and passion driven there is just not enough hours in the day!

So I attended a singles mixer a few weeks ago geared towards women and men like myself who find it hard to meet people due to their hectic schedule. I had a great time at the ‘Mix and Mingle’ event and was introduced to the host who also has a program called the ‘Social Experience’ where she gets a bunch of information from each person and sets you up on blind dates with potential matches.

If you are anything like me it is really hard to put yourself out there and takes a lot of strength to go along with this because we are not ‘daters’ in the traditional sense.  We appreciate an organic and natural progression from friendship into a relationship. But as it was so eloquently pointed out to me “Where have you been going to meet new people everyday?” in response I screamed “EVERYDAY!?!?!”

Face it, majority of us tend to go places where we could meet new people with our close friends so stay in our comfort zone and don’t actually meet anyone new. If that’s not already a big problem we only do this once or twice a month so in all honestly when do we meet new people…..never. So with that revelation I swiftly signed up for this ‘Social Experience’ and have been matched with a few people. In the next few days I will going on these dates and I plan on going in there with an open mind while sharing my experience with  you all. I encourage anyone out there with a similar story to try something new, put yourself out there so that you may meet your new ‘bae’ or future husband/wife.

Please comment and let me know if you’ve tried blind dating, online dating, or some other creative way to get yourself out there while being a…. (insert profession) In The City!

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~
Reba J.



Whew! It has been a long time coming! Finally starting my lifestyle and motivational Blog! I have experienced a lot in my 20 some odd years and I would love to share my experiences with you!

I hope you’re excited and ready to hear about random experiences of a Spiritual, Young, Caribbean, Esquire In The City with a love of God, Meditation, Fashion, Travel, Music, the Arts and just Living life to the fullest!

Quote of the day:

“God will grant us STRENGTH when we take a Leap of Faith!”

This quote means so much to me because  the only way that I would be able to achieve my dreams and goals is by continuing to trust that God will give me the STRENGTH necessary to weather the storm. Like when I moved to Charlotte, NC for Law School, packed up and moved to Atlanta, GA to take the Bar and practice even when I move to Savannah when I was offered my first Associate position I trusted that God would place great people in my life and that I would have the STRENGTH to not only survive but excel in those new environments . Even though not all leaps of faith proved to be fruitful in the way that I had imagined there was still “Beauty in the Struggle” (J. Cole) and I appreciate the lessons learned from each struggle and am excited for the future.

So when you feel like something keeps pulling you in the direction of a dream or goal that you have held near for so long but are afraid of failing remember that fear is just a form of vulnerability and through God you will gain the strength needed to push past those fears and live the life that you were destined. Don’t allow fear to keep you in bondage!

Get ready for absolute greatness!

-Reba J.

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~