Situational Learning

Yes they will forever all the bad things that happen to you be optimistic and expect the best things about them.


Situational learning” is the process of reflecting on negative situations and discovering the learning opportunity instead of focusing on the negative aspects.

Imagine how much more bearable life would be if you were able to easily attach to the positive aspects of every situation in life. I mean you would be at peace with all outcomes, released from stress, and open to living fearlessly.  That type of Freedom is what I strive for and situational learning has been a catalyst for me achieving the level of Freedom.

Some background on myself is that I have a tendency of reflecting on situations in my life through the “what did I miss?“, “what did I do to cause this negative thing to happen”,or even blaming the other party. I noticed that because of my thought process I started to dwell on things from years ago instead of receiving the lesson and moving on with that newly acquired knowledge.Living in past is even more detrimental than buying into negative situations. While living in the past you will likely miss all of the great opportunities currently presented to you and it will eventually develop into a state of depression because there is literally nothing you can do to change the past. You only have control over the NOW.

This concept has been taught through religion by the concept of faith where you are trusting in a higher power and understanding that there are no mistakes. It has also been taught through Law of Attraction where your mindset controls the outcome of different situations in life so if you approach each situation in a positive light then more positivity will enter your space. Literally you attract your thoughts! I could go on and on with the different quotes, movies, and songs that speak to this concept but overall it is just “Mind over Matter”.

I will end this post just encouraging you to really reflect on your thought about each area of your life and trying to identify the negative spaces and actively pursue a state of positivity. Remember it all begins with your thought!

“If somebody says something negative to you, do not react. You have to get yourself to a point where you can stay calm and peaceful inside no matter what negative things happen on the outside. When  you can maintain peace and joy within you despite any situation on the outside, you have become the master of everything.”

~The Secret Daily Teachings

-Be Fearlessly Authentic-

Reba J.

Life of a Dreamer

So I just came  across a video on youtube about ‘Patience and Perseverance’ for the dreamers of the world. This video hit the nail on the head for me because I have so many ideas and concepts that I come up with on a daily basis. I have dreams of doing much more than I am right now and have this gut feeling that there is so much more out there for me to accomplish.

The point that was made in this video was that this just may not be your time to accomplish what you know to be your destiny because you have lessons to be learned in your current space. One of those lessons may be practicing gratitude because why would the Lord bless you with more opportunities if you don’t appreciate your current situtaiton. This can be really hard for dreamers because we tend to live in the future and what we would like to accomplish and great things that we can see happening that we tend to forget about what is happening in the moment and all of the blessings around us. This leads to the first point of patience. Whew! Patience is something that I struggle with and I have to remind myself constantly that things will not happen automatically and anything worth have is worth working and waiting for. I have to believe that God has a plan for me and as long as I stay in the moment while continuing to dream I will gain so much wisdom and knowledge so when I achieve the ‘much more’ I will know to give God the glory and be able to share my story with others.

Right now my life looks great to others and I know there are people who would love to be in the position that I am right now which is why I have to live in the moment and appreciate the blessings that I’ve already been given while mentally preparing myself for my ‘much more’.

Just thought that I would share this for all of the dreamers out there….appreciate your current situation and practice patience while waiting on your dreams to come to fruition and know that when you perservere you must give God the glory!!!

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~

Reba J.



Whew! It has been a long time coming! Finally starting my lifestyle and motivational Blog! I have experienced a lot in my 20 some odd years and I would love to share my experiences with you!

I hope you’re excited and ready to hear about random experiences of a Spiritual, Young, Caribbean, Esquire In The City with a love of God, Meditation, Fashion, Travel, Music, the Arts and just Living life to the fullest!

Quote of the day:

“God will grant us STRENGTH when we take a Leap of Faith!”

This quote means so much to me because  the only way that I would be able to achieve my dreams and goals is by continuing to trust that God will give me the STRENGTH necessary to weather the storm. Like when I moved to Charlotte, NC for Law School, packed up and moved to Atlanta, GA to take the Bar and practice even when I move to Savannah when I was offered my first Associate position I trusted that God would place great people in my life and that I would have the STRENGTH to not only survive but excel in those new environments . Even though not all leaps of faith proved to be fruitful in the way that I had imagined there was still “Beauty in the Struggle” (J. Cole) and I appreciate the lessons learned from each struggle and am excited for the future.

So when you feel like something keeps pulling you in the direction of a dream or goal that you have held near for so long but are afraid of failing remember that fear is just a form of vulnerability and through God you will gain the strength needed to push past those fears and live the life that you were destined. Don’t allow fear to keep you in bondage!

Get ready for absolute greatness!

-Reba J.

~Be Fearlessly Authentic~